January 30 2018

Blaine Marina Inc. Cleanup By Mike McKenzie

The Capital Budget recently passed by the state legislature contained good news for the Port of Bellingham and Blaine Harbor: The Port received $900,000 from the Model Toxics Control Act, which the Port will match, to remove contamination from a 1990 fuel spill at the site of the former Blaine Marina Inc.  
This project involves removing a building and 3,000 tons of petroleum-impacted soil, and it is expected to take place in July and August this year.  

Completion of this cleanup will facilitate other Blaine harbor infrastructure projects:

  • Bulkhead reconstruction;
  • Road reconstruction;

  • Relocation of one web locker building to allow expansion of boat yard and seafood processing activities on the crowded 5-acre peninsula.  

Approval of the second major peninsula cleanup, the former Westman Industrial site (boat yard, currently Walsh Marine) is pending.

September 26 2017


June 21 2017

Economic Future of Whatcom County Could Hinge on Port Commissioner Race By Mike McKenzie

The Port of Bellingham stands at a tipping point in the upcoming elections: Will its future evolve around its stated - and Washington State designated - mission of driving economic development, or around an environmental theme pushed by special interests? 

In extensive research and dozens of interviews for this article, one statement leapt off all the pages, coming from one candidate for one of the two open positions on the Port Commission (a three-person governing body). 

[McKenzie is a Board Member of WWC. WWC Does not endorse any candidate. The views written by McKenzie DO NOT represent the organization.]

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Port awards $900,000 contract for harbor repairs By Stefanie Donahue

The Port of Bellingham has approved the second phase of a three-part project to improve the industrial area near the end of Marine Drive.

During a regular meeting on June 6, the Port’s board of commissioners voted unanimously to award a $899,389 contract, including a 20 percent contingency reserve, to Tacoma-based American Construction to tackle part two of a multi-phase project to improve Blaine Harbor’s marine industrial area.

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June 17 2017


Bellingham Bay toxics cleanups have begun. Now the state is making that harder BY KELLI LINVILLE AND DAN ROBBINS

Bellingham is at an exciting stage in our waterfront development. After decades of industrial use, investigations and studies, we have begun major environmental cleanups. The first significant projects are now complete including the $32 million cleanup of the Whatcom Waterway and a $2 million environmental cap on over 20 acres of Georgia Pacific’s former pulp and tissue mill property.

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June 14 2017


Port of Bellingham moves forward with $750,000 Blaine Harbor rehab

The Port of Bellingham has awarded a $750,000 contract to American Construction of Tacoma to rehabilitate three deteriorated piers in Blaine Harbor in support of the working waterfront. The project will open up additional dock space and increase the load bearing capacity of the piers for commercial fishing vessels and maritime industries which rely on these structures to do business.

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