In 2018, the WWCoaltion will operate under
a formal leadership and revised committee structure as mandated by amended Bylaws.  

As we work to accomplish our mission - 
”To promote the vitality and economic benefits
of our working waterfronts for the people of Whatcom County” -  the 2018 Annual Plan addresses actions by four primary committees.


Executive Committee

Working within the framework provided by the By-Laws, the Executive Committee will: 

  • Act on behalf of the Board
    of Directors; keep the Board informed and request its approval when appropriate

  • Continue to staff committees and oversee their work

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for issues and develop policies to guide Coalition actions

  • Maximize membership communications and their involvement in cooperation with the Public Relations Committee

  • Create, administer, amend
    as needed, and ensure the accountability of the
    Annual Plan

  • Maintain fiscal control, and administer adopted protocols


Government Relations Committee

Under the direction of the Executive Committee and the
Board of Directors, the Government Relations Committee will: 

  • Research issues of concern regarding the long-term viability of  our working waterfronts 

  • Communicate and respond on behalf of the Coalition’s membership, the Coalition's positions to government, to NGOs, to businesses and the public at-large

Communications Committee

 Under the direction of the Board
of Directors, the Secretary, and
the Executive Committee, the Communications Committee will publish all internal notices, agendas, minutes and documents: 

  • Manage our messages through coordination of all external communications to our community and the public, including publishing newsletters, e-flyers, brochures, fact sheets, and updating and maintaining our website and social media 

Membership Committee

Under the direction of the Board and the Executive Committee,
the Membership  Committee will: 

  • Collaborate with the Secretary to maintain member data and make regular contacts with members as specified in Bylaws

  • Implement programs to increase Full and Associate Membership

  • Collaborate with the Treasurer to collect and record member dues